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Automation & Controls

Lotus control systems provide operational efficiency, flexibility and safety no matter what beverage you are making. Automation brings all the different components of your system together so you can maximize the consistency of your production.

Custom Panel Design

Smart Phone Cellar Control

Brewmation Automated System Control Panels. Control your devices with a large touchscreen built into the panel, from your laptop, phone or tablet.

Custom Panel Design

Our control panel designs have evolved over years to incorporate more features and functionality:

  • Configurations include advanced touchscreens or basic switches, buttons and dials
  • Tailor your automation to your process. Our engineers create custom control panels that fit your needs
  • Monitor and control your process integrating all areas including material handling, heating/cooling, mixing/blending, fluid flow, clean in place, packaging, etc.
  • Our panels are UL (for the US) and cUL (for Canada) listed as an assembly.  Each panel has its own unique UL listing number assigned to it that is typically required by your electric inspector to obtain a certificate of occupancy
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Brewsense Cellar Control Via Smart Phone

Data Collection & Process Management

At Lotus we have several solutions for data collection and process management requirements.  Our solutions provide for remote monitoring, email and text notifications, reporting, and raw data collection.

  • Cellar management for jacketed tanks (cooling and/or heating)
  • Brewsense integrated cellar controls for remote monitoring and alerts
  • The Lotus Dashboard offers full process management of production, maintenance, energy and quality
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