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Quality Brewing Systems for Every Craft

We are the only end-to-end resource for equipment, ingredients,  and parts in North America.  We have built over 2,000 systems in over 40 countries around the world. We design and build brewhouses and turn-key systems for small nano breweries to regional breweries ranging from 1 BBL to 60 BBL and have the tanks and parts you need to keep up with production.  How can we hep your craft?

1 BBL – 60 BBL Brewhouses

Hot Side & Cold Side Tanks

Grain Handling & Milling

Automation & Touch Screen Controls

Boilers & Chillers

Keg Washers & CIP Systems

Brewmation and Stout Tanks Stainless Steel Brewhouse with Touchscreen Automation Control Panel

3 BBL - 60 BBL Brewhouses

Our brewhouses streamline your process and facilitate essential product consistency. We have built over 1,000 systems globally and will work with you to find a system that is right for you and your space.

  • Sizes range from 1 BBL pilot systems to 60 BBL
  • Heating options include electric, direct fire, indirect fire, and steam 
  • Our automation options range from semi-auto to what we call our “full-auto” package, offering a large touchscreen interface and mobile device connectivity.
  • Custom configure any port, valve, piping pumps, and automation to fit your needs
  • Add a pro-grade pilot system to test batch flavor profiles and new recipes, without interrupting your normal brewing schedule.
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Alpha Brewing Operations Malt Mill

Grain Handling & Milling

Quality starts with how you process your ingredients. We offer options for everything you need to handle, mill and control your grain process from prep through production:
  • We offer numerous grain silo options to choose from, and will help support the installation process from design and sizing to artwork, concrete instructions, deliver and installation.
  • Select from a range of grist mills with included explosion proof motors, safety grills and magnetic combes for peace of mind
  • Move your grain with flex augers and chain-disk auger systems to fit any pre-brew or spent grain application
  • Push start and walk away while ensuring precise measurement and batch control. Our flow scales and motor control centers will ensure your grain is dialed in from silo and hoppers to augers, grist mills all the way to mashing in.
  • Custom stainless grain/grist hoppers of any shape and size configured for floor mounting, tank mounting or hanging. Options like grain-level sight glasses, manways and clean-out hatches help you dial in your production and cleaning.
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Stacked Stainless Steel Brite Tanks


When it comes to important features and overall value, no other stainless steel tanks can compete with Lotus:

  • All tanks come with a racking port and a bottom drain port
  • Available in 316 and 304 stainless steel for easy cleaning
  • Customize sizes from 10 gallons to 300 barrels and beyond
  • With jacketed tanks, precisely control the temperature of the with a glycol jacket
  • Non-jacketed tanks allow you to store your tanks right in your cold room
  • Our designers work with you to customize stackable configurations, as well as port, manway, valve and gauge locations to fit your vision
  • Includes CIP arm and spray balls for easy cleaning
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Boilers & Chillers

Lotus has supplied hundreds of high efficiency, reliable boiler systems for the craft beverage industry:

  • Choose several heating options from electric, steam indirect or direct fire
  • Power output ranges from 5-150 hp boilers
  • Our piping schematics take the guesswork out of connecting components by helping your contractors understand how to tie it all together
  • We go the extra mile in assisting with designing and sizing your steam piping, feed water and condensate return systems and much more
  • Lotus’s designers work with you to properly size your glycol chillers to fit wort cooling load, number of jacketed tanks, cold room load, and expansion plans:
  • Single and dual stage options available
  • Lotus sells cold room cooling via a glycol to air exchange
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Brewmation Automated System Control Panels. Control your devices with a large touchscreen built into the panel, from your laptop, phone or tablet.


Our control panel designs have evolved over years to incorporate more features and functionality.

  • Configurations include advanced touchscreens or basic switches, buttons and controls
  • Tailor your automation to your process. Our engineers create custom control panels that fit your needs. 
  • Monitor and control your process from ingredient handling, heating and cooling systems to pumps and sanitation or any other process
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Keg Washers & CIP Systems

Lotus designs and sells an lineup of keg washers, CIP systems and more

Keg Washers

  • Lotus sells automatic and semi-automatic keg washers whatever you choose load your kegs, press start, and walk away
  • Industry-leading 24-step cleaning regimen that’s customizable per keg type
  • Flexible parameter settings allow the user to customize the cleaning regimen per keg type to maximize throughput and cleanliness


CIP Systems

  • Lotus’s popular mobile CIP trolley is a dual tank system with integrated heating
  • Constructed completely of 304 stainless steel
  • Customize your sizing, skids, mobile or stationary design
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Designed through
brewer feedback

Our best features come from our customers. Frankly, they have been designed, tweaked, advanced and improved by you the brewers. Hundreds of award winning breweries across 5 continents will attest. We design for success.

Design Your Brewhouse

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