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Let us be your guide.

Lotus Beverage Alliance combines the knowledge and experience of GW Kent, Alpha Brewing Operations, Stout Tanks and Kettles, Twin Monkeys, Brewmation and Automated Extractions.  We bring decades of professional brewing experience and are eager to share our knowledge with you. Let us give you the tools you need to run a successful craft beverage business (beer, wine, kombucha, spirits, coffee, tea, etc.).

“Surviving and Thriving: A Phased Approach to Growing your Brewery” – Join us as we discuss the initial steps of opening your brewery and examine the best approaches when business is thriving and it is time to expand.

“Ask the Experts: What is the Right System for You.” – From heat source to refrigeration, from your initial production goals to your latest expansion plans; finding the right commercial brewing system comes with many decisions. Here we discuss the big questions and nail the small details so you can find the right nano brewing system for your production needs.

“Opening a Brewery on a Startup Budget” – There are many important factors to consider when opening your own microbrewery. It is not just about what brewing equipment you will purchase and the styles you will brew. Let’s discuss your options and make the best recommendation based on your budget, building, business plan, and specific situation. You have dreamt about opening a brewery for years. Let us help you make it happen.

“Get Smart with Innovation: Do More with the Brewery Space You Have” –  Let’s discuss the best ways to maximize your current brewery space and reconfigure your batch sizes.

“Comparing Soft Piping and Hard Piping Options for your Brewery” – Let’s discuss the pros and cons of each style, exploring topics such as installation, cost, flexibility, upgrade paths, and aesthetics to help you decide which approach is best for you.

“Adding Distillation to Your Brewery” – As the number of craft breweries continues to climb, it is more important than ever to explore options and differentiate yourself from other  craft businesses. Let’s discuss when you might want to add distilling to your process, what equipment and controls are needed to do so, and the safety requirements that are unique to distilling.

“Innovating your Cold Side Brewing Equipment” – Your cold side equipment is extremely important to the success of your craft brewery. Let us share various tips and tricks, discuss multi use vessels and equipment, process improvements, and more.

“Brewery Automation and Controls” – Automation can be one of the most important aspects of your craft beverage business.  Join us as we discuss the different automation options and set your craft business up for success.