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Pilot & Nano Brewing

Home Brew Mash Tun and Fermenter

Homebrewing Equipment

Control bacteria accumulation, get more consistent flavors, and bring the authentic “pro” brewing experience home. Lotus has the first stainless steel conical fermenters for home brewers that utilize welded sanitary tri-clamp fittings and valves, eliminating unsanitary threaded fittings that contact your beer and require painstaking cleaning after every use:

  • Lotus offers sizes ranging from 7-75 gallons, with or without legs
  • Hot liquor tanks feature built-in recirculation ports.
  • Brew kettles have sanitary tri-clamp fittings, and tangential inlets.
  • Mash tuns are built with convenient Vorlauf pipes, built in HERMS coils, and bottom draining (bottom outlets)
  • Unique ‘Low Oxygen’ (a.k.a. LowOx or LODO) brewing kettles available for making European-quality continental lagers at home
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Brewmation Pilot Pro Nano and Pilot brewing system with touchscreen automation

Pilot Systems

Whether you’re adding a pilot system to an existing brewery, expanding your micro or nano-brewery, taking your homebrewing game to the next level, the Pilot Pro skid system is the perfect wingman:

  • Our pilot system is available in 1 or 2 barrel sizes
  • The Pilot Pro is a hard piped electric brew house comes complete with a hot liquor tank, mash tun, boil kettle, two chugger pumps, a stainless steel counter-flow wort chiller
  • Integrated controls are available as either a basic panel for a low-cost solution, or an advanced panel with a touchscreen interface (7″ or 12″) for a higher level of automation
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