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Company Values

Respectful & Honest

Act with respect and honesty

Go the Extra Mile

Deliver an amazing customer experience


Solve problems through innovation and technology


Use sustainable practices sensibly

Founding Members of Lotus Beverage Alliance

Matt Rennerfeldt Founder of Alpha Brewing Operations
Founder of Alpha Brewing Operations

Matt Rennerfeldt

“We become friends with our customers. It’s a relationship bigger than equipment and numbers, we work for them, hand over the keys and watch them reach for their dreams.”

Matt excelled in business development and executive leadership across several organizations. He has patents and patents pending in his pursuit of innovation in the beverage brewing and canning industry. Matt champions a culture of service excellence, ownership, empowerment, and efficiency. His team is passionate for new product designs that benefit customers, and they love to push the envelope with what’s possible. Together, they inspire beverage makers around the world by delivering products and consulting services that bring their pursuit for the delicious to life. Matt loves to grow with customers and exchange beverage stories with them. You’ll most likely find Matt at the bottom of an IPA.
Josh Van Riper Founder of Twin Monkeys Beverage Canning Systems
Founder of Twin Monkeys

Josh Van Riper

“We have great relationships with our customers. We respect what they do, and they respect what we do, we collaborate and bring new, exciting beverages to the marketplace.”

Josh has been a home brewer for a while a commercial brewer for years. He applied his background in mechanical engineering, and AI computer engineering along with his background in automated systems in several industries. He also worked in aerospace before running Twin Monkeys. Josh has a strong work ethic, and he motivates his team to be results oriented in both work and life. Together they are driven to deliver equipment-based solutions, quality service that includes education for beverage makers and ingenuity. Josh enjoys offering solutions to his customers’ problems that lead to the best product and service outcome. When it comes to craft beverages, he loves all kinds.
John Watt, Founder of Stout Tanks and Kettles
Founder of Stout Tanks and Kettles

John Watt

“Do what you love and focus on making the best product you can while staying true to quality and that will bring success for you.”

John has been managing and engineering equipment for Stout Tanks and Kettles since 2009. He is an expert at establishing priorities, creating strategies, and achieving buy-in that helps realize company goals. John finds inspiration in helping craft brewers achieve their dreams of building and growing successful craft businesses. An avid homebrewer himself, and the previous owner of a 20bbl brewery, John knows the importance of making personal connections and providing cost-effective solutions to craft brewers. His team thrives on amazing customer service, delivering engaging experiences that transform and bring to life their customers’ visions of offering something exclusive to the market. You won’t find Hazy IPA’s in his refrigerator. He prefers a cold, authentic continental lager.
Kevin Weaver, Founder of Brewmation
Founder of Brewmation & Automated Extractions

Kevin Weaver

“Do the research and don’t try and do everything by yourself. Find a partner who will help you go through the entire process because there’s a lot to consider.”

Kevin worked for 25 years in various manufacturing management and controls positions for several reputable companies. In 2003, his home brewing hobby collided with his expertise in automation, and from there Brewmation, custom brewery solutions, was born. He’s also the founder of Automated Extractions. Kevin and his team have their mind set on the future automation needs of their customers’ businesses. They design innovative beverage making solutions and through their collaborative efforts deliver high service standards. Kevin enjoys supporting community business ventures who love to create unique tasting experiences, and he’s always down for a delicious cold brew coffee.
Randy Reichwage, Founder of GW Kent
Founder of GW Kent

Randy Reichwage

“We have a great team of engineers who ran their own breweries. They can provide practical advice to help you make the product you’ve been dreaming about.”

Randy co-founded GW Kent with his wife. He was an avid homebrewer, wine, and mead maker and, like most craft beverage experts, he turned his hobby into a career. Randy and his team rely on each other, work with the latest technologies, and apply a “one-for-all-and-all-for-one” approach to providing the best service for customers. Randy enjoys the creative side of the craft beverage industry and the dedicated people who work within it. He motivates his team to solve their customers’ problems in pursuit of creating a better beverage and wants to help them achieve their goals of serving their local community with a quality product. Randy’s favorite beverage is a pinot noir which, according to him, pairs nicely with everything.