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Professional Distilling Systems

Turn-key distillery systems designed for making any spirit whether you are building a distillery or adding one to your existing brewery.

Grain Handling & Milling

Mash/Wash Production

Turn-key Stills


Blending, Filtering & Storage

Alpha Brewing Operations Malt Mill

Grain Handling & Milling

Batch efficiency and wort quality starts with how you process your ingredients. We offer options for everything you need to handle, mill and control your grain process from prep through production:

  • We offer numerous grain silo options to choose from, and will help support the installation process from design and sizing to artwork, concrete instructions, deliver and installation.
  • Select from a range of grist mills with included explosion proof motors, safety grills and magnetic combes for peace of mind
  • Move your grain with flex augers and chain-disk auger systems to fit any pre-brew or spent grain application
  • Push start and walk away while ensuring precise measurement and batch control. Our flow scales and motor control centers will ensure your grain is dialed in from silo and hoppers to augers, grist mills all the way to mashing in.
  • Custom stainless grain/grist hoppers of any shape and size configured for floor mounting, tank mounting or hanging. Options like grain-level sight glasses, manways and clean-out hatches help you dial in your production and cleaning.
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304 and 316 Stainless Steel Mash Tun and Fermenter for creating distillery grain wash and mash press

Mash/Wash Production

Great wort makes great spirits. Whether you are building a distillery or expanding a brewery to make spirits, Lotus has everything you need to craft the perfect wort:

  • Create your wash with customized mash tuns that will feed into your still with precision with easy to clean 316 or 304 stainless options
  • Customize your tanks to fit any space and adjust port locations as well as clocking to better utilize space and run glycol piping. Our team of experts will design around the constraints of almost any space
  • Fermenter capacities range from 1 to 300 barrels and are available in single or custom stacked configurations
  • We offer both jacketed and non-jacketed tanks
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Turnkey Stills

Steam fired or electrically heated bain-marie systems are available from 150 liters (40 gallons) to 4,000 + liters (1,057 gallons) in size for making a full range of spirits:

  • Select from a variety of still configurations such as pot stills, column stills, or combination pot and column stills
  • Customize your still’s columns, helmet, lyne arms, dephlegmators and catalyzers, condenser columns, gin baskets, and parrot assemblies. Our designers will work with you to create the perfect system to your exacting specifications with 3D renderings to visualize your process flow before production begins
  • Choose from numerous sizes ranging from 150 to 4,000+ liters
  • Still heating options include electric Bain Marie or steam. Steam configurations include electric, natural gas, propane, or oil
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Distill efficiently while ensuring your team and equipment stay safe. All of our distilling control systems are engineered for Class 1, Division 2 compliance and labeled for UL-698A as required by the local electrical inspector:

  • Our controls are available in either touchscreen or basic designs to integrate your entire process from grain to packaging
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Square distillate storage tanks

Blending, Filtering & Storage

We offer a wide array of blending / proofing tanks, char screens, filtration, and storage options:

  • Blending / proofing tanks with integrated char screens available in all sizes
  • Plate and frame, filter bags, and lenticular filtration available for all requirements
  • Distillate storage tanks in all sizes and configurations:
    • Square totes are popular for their efficient use of space while circular totes provide cleaning benefits; Lotus stocks a wide selection of standard volumes
    • Storage tanks can be incorporated into your still base below the column or condenser
    • Choose between standard or stackable configurations. Rieke or fusible tank venting options are available to prevent pressurization
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Designed through
distiller feedback

Our best features come from our customers. We work with you to fully customize your still configuration to fit your needs.

Design Your Distillery

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