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Quality Canning Systems

Lotus Beverage Alliance engineers top-quality canning systems ranging from 5-100 cans per minute.  We have built over 800 canning systems around the world and are dedicated to providing an amazing customer experience. Our canning machines are ideal for canning beer, cider, RTDs, wine, water, juice, and everything in between.  Let’s work together to get your craft into cans.

Fabricated with exacting precision in Lincoln, NE, USA, each canning machine is tailored to your needs and available for global shipping. Lotus Beverage Alliance is your go-to source for canning craft beverages. Whether you need a single machine to boost your production or a complete automated canning line, we specialize in packaging solutions for all craft beverages.

Compare the cost of owning a canning system vs. hiring a mobile canner with our automated canning calculator.


High-Quality Nano Canner

The Mancos canning line delivers a high-quality packaging experience for any craft beverage. No other canning system (of any size) can deliver on as many varying can diameters, such as slim, sleek, standard and the Crowlers™ on one single machine.

  • CPM: 10-15
  • Ideal for nano canning
  • Compact Tabletop Footprint
  • Gain More Flexibility
  • Easily change can sizes
  • Adjustable Timers
  • Automated purge, fill, lid apply, seam
  • CIP/SIP for fill system
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Compact and Affordable

The Compass canner combines the best technologies from   Alpha Brewing Operations and Twin Monkeys Beverage Systems portfolio. From filling and lid applications, to seaming and UI controls, this canning system is fully equipped to package all your craft beverages including beer, wine, coffee, kombucha, cider, RTD cocktails, soda, and more.

Counter Pressure Options Available.

  • CPM: up to 25 cans per minute
  • Available can-styles: Sleek, slim, and standard cans
  • Compact footprint
  • Fully automated purge, fill, lid apply, seam
  • Adjustable timers for all system functions
  • CIP/SIP for fill system
  • TPO pickup as low as 20 PPB
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Ultra Compact & Highly Versatile

The Gunnison has an ultra-compact footprint that has made it popular with mobile canning operations, as well as small and medium-size beverage producers with limited space. Its versatility and quick changeover for additional can diameters allows businesses producing more than one can size to maximize efficiency. With a wide array of infeed and outfeed options, this canning machine can be custom-configured.
  • CPM: 25-30
  • Compact Footprint
  • Patented cam-less wedge seamer
  • DO pick up as low as 20 PPB
  • Integrated Automated Pressure Control
  • Increased Maneuverability
  • Easily change between can diameters
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Compact & 100% Mobile

The Cannon is the only canning line on the market that allows you to continue to purge with CO2, providing for incredibly low dissolved oxygen levels.  Just over 6 feet long and 2 feet wide and 100% mobile, The Cannon is the premier choice for mobile canners. It offers expandability from 50 to 100 cans/minute. No wasted investment, no loss of value, simply grow without growing. Double capacity, same footprint.

  • CPM: 50-100
  • Compact Footprint
  • Easily change between can diameters
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